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Guns that kill rhinos in South Africa are bought in Maputo with collusion from Mozambican Government

Large-caliber weapons, manufactured in the Czech Republic, used by poachers of rhinos in South Africa are acquired in hunting shops in Maputo with the connivance of high-ranking officials in the ministries of the Interior, Agriculture and Tourism. One of the weapons companies have links with the Ministry of Defense, with the SISE and son of President Filipe Nyusi.

Following the series of numbers that identifies each firearm NGO Conflict Awareness Project (CAP in the acronym in English) found that large - caliber weapons were used in the poaching of rhinos in Kruger National Park in South Africa, they were manufactured in the Czech Republic by a company called Česká Zbrojovka Uherský Brod (Czub).

Although Rhino poaching has started more than two decades from 2010 increased significantly. Until that time the animals were killed to obtain their horn which is sold in Asia for 100,000 dollars per kilo for weapons purchased from corrupt members of the security forces of South Africa and Mozambique.

After years with recording dozens of animals killed in 2010 the authorities registered 146 dead rhinos. The following year was 252, in 2012 425 were slaughtered in 2013 the number rose to 606 in 2014 and 827 were poached rhinos in Kruger National Park.

Autopsies showed that the slaughtered rhinos almost 90 percent had been victims of shots fired by caliber rifles 375 and 458. In previous years, while used AK-47 weapons, stealthy had to fire several times to kill the animal with arms caliber 375 and 458 are now only need a straight shot that could be muffled with a silencer, not calling attention of the authorities.

Subsequent investigations determined that the large-caliber weapons that were being used by poachers belonged to Czub brand, manufactured by the largest arms producer in the Czech Republic.

Tracking each of the arms recovered after killing rhino CAP, an investigation conducted over 4 years in three continents found that they reached the stealth hunted by Mozambique.

In the investigation of the Conflict Awareness Project determined, and the Česká Zbrojovka Uherský Brod confirmed that hundreds of caliber rifles 375 and 458 seized in South Africa, and identified by their serial numbers had been sold to Cacicambria companies, Fabitrade, Fabicaça and ExploAfrica.

ExploAfrica, Ministry of Defense and Nyusi

The ExploAfrica, which has in Afrocaça its arms sales shop in Maputo City, is part of a network of arms and explosives companies established in Portugal and with branches in Spain, Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo and Guinea. The leader of the company is Nuno Miguel da Silva Vieira a nationality Portuguese citizen since 2015 is also Mozambique.

Nuno Miguel Vieira da Silva and his family business has a past "dubious" second found the investigation of CAP "were investigated by the Portuguese and Spanish authorities in relation to the explosives used in the 2004 bombing of the underground City of Madrid where 190 people died. "

In our country this entrepreneur has business dealings with the Ministry of National Defense, is a partner at Monte Binga in Explosives Distributor Company and the Information Services and State Security (SISE), in Mudemol (Munitions Mozambique, Lda) where it is a partner of Investment Management, Investments and Services Limited (GIPS) and Monte Binga.

Miguel Nuno da Silva Vieira is still partner Jacinto Ferrao Filipe Nyusi, son of the President of Mozambique and Frelimo Filipe Jacinto Nyusi in The gaffe.

In turn, the Fabitrade and Fabicaça are arms companies and ammunition based in Portugal, is the owners brothers António José Fonseca Fabião and Maria Isabel da Fonseca Jesus Fabião. Both companies have as a trading partner in Mozambique an identified company for Casa Fabião.

The Conflict Awareness Project found that the main customer of the caliber rifles and 375 458 sold by ExploAfrica and House Fabião companies are the company Investcon, as well as the Ministry of Tourism of Mozambique.

Johan Stoltz, Eugénio Numaio and rhinos Kill climbing Kruger Park

The Investcon (also known as Investicom) was established in Mozambique in 2006 by South Africans Johan Rudolph Stoltz and Gabriel Petrus Stoltz, as well as the Mozambican Isaac Samuel Arnold. However in 2007 this was replaced by Mozambican partner Eugenio Numaio, Governor of Gaza Province for two terms and passing by Parliament in Frelimo bench.

Until the emergence of Investcon the slaughter of rhinos was just the ten in the Kruger National Park. But in 2008 they were killed 36 animals in 2009 over 50.

However in 2010 the Investcon Johan Rudolph Stoltz, Gabriel Petrus Stoltz and Eugenio Numaio got a game farm in northern Gaza Province, on the border between South Africa and Zimbabwe, Limnetzi. Facing rich hunters from the United States of America to advertising Limnetzi promised hunted crocodiles, buffaloes, elephants and rhinos.

This year 146 rhinos were killed in the Kruger National Park, in 2011 the number of animals killed for cutting your horn increased to 252 in 2012 and 425 were killed.

The Conflict Awareness Project found that the serial numbers of hundreds

of Czech manufacture of weapons recovered by the authorities combat poaching in South Africa showed sequential serial numbers suggesting that would have been acquired in the same load.

Research found in 2013 Investcon bought 13 caliber rifles and 375 over 21 caliber 458, all manufactured by Czub in Afrocaça. This year the killing amounted to 606 rhinos.

The CAP has established that in 2014 the Investcon bought over 81 caliber rifles 375 and 458 manufactured by Ceska Zbrojovka Uherský Brod, 64 to 17 and the House Fabião Afrocaça. The killing in the Kruger National Park came ais 827 rhinos.

The investigation of the Conflict Awareness Project determined with evidence that at least 113 guns caliber 375 and 458 of the Czub were bought by Johan Rudolph Stoltz company, Gabriel Petrus Stoltz and Eugenio Numaio in Afrocaça and House Fabião between 2013 and 2015. And the murder of rhinos has not stopped since.

PGR has all but research does not act against the bosses of poaching

It should be noted that the importation of firearms manufactured in the Czech Republic to Mozambique, some passing through Portugal, obdece the requirements that the law of our country imposes with the permission of the Interior Ministry.

Already the license of weapons that Investcon acquired, and whose normal process takes at least three weeks, Johan Rudolph Stoltz told PAC that could in less than two hours by paying bribes. The CAP was found that the majority of licenses were signed by Abilio Arnaldo Ambrose and his colleague Rogerio Moises Chiau at the time senior officials of the General Command of the Police of the Republic of Mozambique.

Before it was made public, the research was presented in 2015 to the Attorney General's Office, which opened an investigation, but @Verdade found that since none of the entrepreneurs was even detained for inquiries.

However since 2016 the Investcon stopped buying caliber rifles 375 and 458 produced by Czub directly to Afrocaça and Fabião House however the Conflict Awareness Project found that continue to purchase them the same companies through "front". In 2018 one of the complexes of ExploAfrica, the restaurant Tio Manuel in Matola City, was closed, allegedly to make way for expansion of National Highway # 4.

The information provided by the Attorney General's Office, Beatriz Buchili from 2015 to 2019 no mention make this investigation or the bosses of poaching. Only poachers, small dealers and some buyers are arrested and held accountable for the murder of rhinos but also of elephants in South Africa and Mozambique.

Airports and ports of Mozambique have been identified by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA acronym in English) as a major export points of rhino horns to Asia between 2010 and 2016 were trafficked for our country with 797.78 kilos worth market of around 80 million US dollars.

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